Roka Ceram

Roka Ceram factory came into operation on 15 February 2019. The annual production capacity of the factory is 3,600,000 square meters.

This innovative collection was founded with the aim of enhancing the country’s industrial and self-sufficiency capabilities, developing entrepreneurship, employment creation. Also Roca Ceram offers a variety of ceramic tile products by relying on the innovation of Iranian and international experts. Roca Ceram strives to have a strong presence in design and construction in the domestic and overseas markets.

At the beginning of its activity, Roca Ceram was also honored with ISO45001, ISO14000 and ISO9001 standards. Roca Ceram Company is located in Yazd province with 20 hectares of land and more than 40,000 square meters of infrastructure and uses the most advanced European technology. Roca Ceram is firmly committed to changing attitudes towards lifestyles and creating sustainable values, and its aimed to be one of the world’s leading ceramic tile brands

Honesty, pragmatism and innovation are the fundamental values of Roka Ceram. The factory considers the following to be its mission: Identifying and meeting customer demands and needs, maintaining and enhancing existing markets and developing new markets, continuous quality improvement through continuous and effective process evaluation, providing targeted and planned training, and utilizing world-class technology to deliver higher quality products and more variety.

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Download Catalog RokaCeram