Persepolis Tile

Persepolis Tile & Stone Group, a prominent name behind the ceramic tile industry, established on the freeway of Yazd-Bandar Abbas, is placed in the renowned city of Mehriz, Iran.

Founded in the year 2007, now holding a kick off two phase production capacity, retains the topmost stance in the province of Yazd, Iran, in the ground of terrazzo tiles with two million square meters production, as well as floor/wall ceramic & super full polished porcelain tiles being manufactured at a production scale of twelve million square meters per year.

Detained under the supervision of leading Italian specialists and utilization of latest cutting-edge digital HD technology, lies the dignity of Persepolis Tile, making it possible to supply the finest grade of ceramic & super full polished porcelain tiles, rectified with numerous sizes and countless choices of multiple designs.

Its products further being utilized universally, namely everywhere – residential/commercial floor-wall, outer yards, parking and more. Persepolis Tile & Stone Group, with attention to its product’s diversity in sizes and high grade products provided timely, whether domestic or international, has been rated the highest mass exporter for the year – 2014, to over 20 countries globally.

Persepolis is the symbol of antiquity, ancient culture and civilization of the Persian people.

Thousands of years ago, a nation with a marvelous culture and in compliance with fairness in its interaction with every other individual, compiled the first human rights charter, and today paying honor to our fathers in the city of Yazd, a desert dry land in the heart of Iran (Persia), we have set up an enormous company and named it ‘Persepolis Tile’, after the magnificent and marvelous palaces of the Persepolis in Iran.

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