Meybod Narin Tile

Meybod Narin Tile Co., founded in 1992 in Jahan Abad Industrial Town of Meybod, is one of the manufacturers of monoproza wall tiles in Iran. This company, with 430 shareholders and personnel of 150, started working in a land of 80,000 square meters, and has based its production on monoproza tiles from the beginning.
In the second half of 2003, the production rate of the company rose to 2 million square meters per year, and currently the production rate is at 3.5 million square meters on a yearly basis.
At the present time, Maybod Narin Tile Co., with personnel of 270 and modern machinery, has made better production and meeting the needs of customers, workers and shareholders its top priority. Also, this company intends not only to maintain its share in the domestic and foreign markets but also to increase it by creating competitive advantages.

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