Meybod Tile Complex, the most famous and oldest Iranian tile company was found nearby beautiful and historical city Meybod (Yazd province) in 1984 with annual capacity of one and half million square meters. This company manufactures single wall, floor and porcelain tiles and ceramic in various designs and sizes.

Using the best materials and advanced technology led this group to situations of serious achievements. Therefore, many development projects have been carried out successively in the company. Nowadays, Meybod tile complex, is preparing itself to become one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in Iran having the support of specialists trained and experienced staffs with annual production of 15,000,000 square meters of wall, floor and porcelain tiles.

Meybod Tile Complex by using the latest technology of the world, Italian machinery, digital printing, and skilled employees in tile and ceramic industry, produces glazed wall tiles, floor ceramic, porcelain and third-firing-like products (Decor, band, and border).
With regard to the high capacity and number of production lines, this company is capable of producing all floor and wall products in different sizes. All production lines of this company are equipped by digital printing machines; This reduces the time between placing an order and delivery of final products to the customers. This technology allows variety in design and a better quality which have some special characteristics of the company’s products.
Meybod Tile Complex, in order to increasing of quality in addition to acquiring standard certifications for its products -Standard Number 25, which is in fact a mandatory standard- the company has acquired an international standard from German Certificate Body DQS, and extension of validity of these certificates after annual audits and introducing this company as exemplary quality company in the last years, indicates that Quality is the top priority in this company. By paying serious attention to quality, the company has always been pioneered and distinguished Brand in this field of industry. Regard to the high management quality, Meybod Tile Complex has been qualified to International Standard organization (ISO 9001- ISO14000 -ISO18001) and has led to Integrated Management System (IMS).