There is no doubt the recent years have been the zenith of the Ceramic Industry in Iran. Over these years, by manufacturing new products to the highest of standards and correct advertisement methods, the culture of tile and ceramic consumption has increased to an unbelievable degree.Maryam Tile Complex, applying high technology and also expertise and commitment of its managers and personnel, as one of the producers of monoporza tiles, attempts to manufacture high-quality products meeting international standards. Using the best raw material and constant production process control, have made Maryam Tile Complex a well-known company in the domestic and foreign markets. Correct advertising methods, frequent presence at regional and international exhibitions, printing standard catalogs, up-to-date information on the website, also up-to-date electronic catalogs, have always helped the company keep in contact with its customers in the best way possible. Maryam Tile Complex hopes to promote the tile and ceramic industry by earning its customers’ satisfaction.


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