Golchin Meybod Tile Company (Private J.S.)

In order to express our appreciation to the ancient art of our ancestors in this country, we decided to establish a factory in an area of 12000000 m2 in the desert land rich in talent, taste and genuineness with a noble history and a life of 3000 years, so as to use the industry in an attempt to provide you with a bunch of flowers from the garden of technology.

Taking advantage of the creation architecture, we started the operation of construction and establishment of factory in a land measuring 140000 Sqm and manufacturing hall of 40000 Sqm in a unique design.

We applied west technology in making Golchin tile. Then after necessary research and investigation, we selected all of our needed equipment and machinery under support of Italian Sacmi company. In the process of operation of tile factory, we used the potential and capabilities of foreign experts, particularly local educated people to select a suitable name for all of these attempts and endeavors, which Golchin was selected as a name.

Yes and now in 2005, embodiment of the name Golchin in the beliefs, has astonished the eyes of all involved in industry and with beauty of emergence of eternal work, has drawn a halo of mystery and invisible secret and by profound and pure thoughts of the elites of this filed, bestowed life to the cooked mud brick by blowing beauty, transparency and thrilling of geometrical and arabesque impressions. Today it is Golchin that refreshes your homes by the ever-shining sun of this never-ending extract of quality and at the time of beauty and adornment and in the darkness of night, the turquoise domes that intermingle with the blueness of sky and shade on the columns of your terrace and brightens with pleasant radiation of moon. By the name of Golchin, we have granted particular spirituality to the cellar and bouquets of mosques, trying to achieve a Sufism environment.

Due to the importance of quality and variety of product, we have considered all international definitions and appearance characteristics such as elegance, physical structure and chemical properties involved in production and among standards such as Japan JIS A 5209, German DIN, US ANSI 137/1, EN 177 of Europe, and the comprehensive and exclusive symbol of ISIRI 25&67 of Iran in comparison with other existing options of Golchin.

Upon using high quality internal and external raw materials and using the power of thought and skill of senior managers of this unit, we have managed to produce a product according to global standards and tried to implement KAIZAN management strategy among all comprehensive strategies, in the concept of permanent sustainable improvement of Golchin tile. For this purpose we have combined the west innovation and technology with the eastern art and extended KAIZAN in the factory so as to realize the objective of investment for public satisfaction.

It is quite clear that in Golchin products, the customer-orientation approach and respecting the opinion and rights of customer by its managers has made the products welcomed by purchasers due to durability, elegance and firmness, and by granting this gift, has been honored to conquest the high picks of internal and global markets and provide the customer’s peace of mind to bring the medal of honor for the company.

Now we boast that by collecting this collection from all spots of the world, continue our economic life as the biggest producer of computerized floor tile, with a high motivation and try not to lose competition and be unique in the field.

Quality guarantee unit of Golchin protects your factory and building and promises that in a near future will take advantage of all capacities and potentials by bringing new innovations and creativities to present wall tile and granite in the collection of Golchin products so that the environment of your building be a selection of the best and we are sure that one of our various sales method will suit your taste.

We boast that we will draw new horizons for success, and your approval is the reason for our survival.

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