EEFA Ceram

EEFA Ceram Company by using the latest technology of the world, Italian machinery, digital printing, and skilled employees in tile and ceramic industry, produces glazed wall tiles, floor ceramic and third firing products (Decor, band, and border).

With regard to the high capacity and number of production lines, this company is capable of producing all floor and wall products in different sizes.

All production lines of this company are equipped with digital printing machines; This reduces the time between placing the order and delivery of products to the customers, and allows variety in design and a better quality which are some of the special characteristics of the company’s products.

In order to increase the quality, EEFA Ceram Company in addition to acquiring standard certifications for its products -Standard Number 25, which is in fact a mandatory standard- the company has acquired promotional standard 17010 for its third firing products from the Standard Institute.

Moreover, obtaining Quality and International Systemic Certificates from British Oxford, German TUV, Australian Equal and extension of validity of these certificates after annual audits and introducing this company as exemplary quality company in the last two years, indicate that quality is the top priority in this company.

By paying serious attention to quality, the company has always been pioneer and distinguished.

In addition, this company has established ISO17025 International Standard in its laboratories and received the related certification from Iran National Center of Qualification in summer 2015, and so it took another effective step in the field of quality by becoming the reference laboratory and colleague of the standard institute.

In the sales filed, because of the high quality of the products, variety in design and size, and customers’ satisfaction, since the starting of the factory the amount of the sales always had a growing trend.

Considerable success in gaining the market share was not limited to internal markets, but there has always been a growing and upward trend in exports, too.

With regard to the high volume of exports, in the last two years, EEFA Ceram Company has been qualified in selection of national and provincial exporters in 2014 and 2015 and has been selected as exemplary export company in a national level in 2015.

This company is now implementing its development plan and will be the largest manufacturing factory in the Middle East which can produce 110000 square meters of tile per day and approximately 40,000,000 square meters per year from the next years.

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