Ceram Negar Tile

Ceram Negar Tile Company was established in 1992 by Iranian and Spanish experts in Ceramic Tile Industry in Kaveh Industrial City. The company by using experienced experts as well as state-of-the-art Spanish technology in the field of the third baking industry, is producing decorative tiles and decor, and quickly become one of the largest third baking units in the country. After several years of production of quality products and with the aim of providing development prerequisites and with the purchase of Italian update machines in 2012 the company has started mass production of double baking tile product.

Ceram Negar Tile has been changing its production process and technology since 2019 to offer more quality and beautiful products to its customers. Also, in accordance with the provisions of development plan and according to customer’s requests, the company has expanded the production capacity in 2020, so that after the implementation of the development plan the nominal capacity of the company will be doubled.

Now Ceram Negar tile products are being exported to the Middle East countries in addition to their nationwide efforts, and the company is constantly striving to increase quality and respect for consumer rights as well as expanding its export markets. Playing a role in promoting the employment and dignity of our beloved Iran is the one of the aimes of Ceram Negar.

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