Almas Mosaic

Meybod Almas Full automatic Mosaic company has started its activity in the field of mosaic and concrete production since 2008, and has been able to diversify its products to the domestic market. In the shortest time Almas brand could be one of the reliable industryin producing of Mosaic and floor coverings, and now it is recognized as a symbol of innovation and quality in the country. A wide range of products in terms of type and thickness, such as mosaics,granite, yard, concrete floor covering,concrete washboton and artificial stone (single layer) are produced by this company.The Almas mosaic company in 2016, using the largest and most modern mosaic press production line in the Middle East (OCEM Italian production line), has taken the lead from its rivals and alone has the title of the largest producer in the country. By bringing together experts, this company has been able to start its fourth production line in the field of Washboton mosaic in 2017, so that it will be completely unrivaled due to the variety in the color ,scheme, quality and  quantity volume , Expected to provide customer satisfaction more than  before.   In order to achieve its customer satisfaction, this company has been considered quality-based  and uses the best and most and available high quality raw materials in the country. Also, non-use of chemicals, polymer, adhesive and resin has led to the high adhesion of Almas mosaic to the undern material.Regarding to the above mentioned notes and customer satisfaction, we guarantee the quality of Almas products in the correct condition (standard) for 15 years in any weather and traffic conditions.

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