Construction of Eram tile factory began in the 2009 on a 200,000-square-meter land at 20 km from Tehran Road. At the same time, production line machinery and other equipment from SITI B&T company were purchased. With the launch of the trial production of this company, products were manufactured in different sizes and designs to suit the needs of customers and consumers.


To meet customer needs, the founders of the company are trying to diversify the production and supply the quality products. The company also has the capabilities to produce attractive products which are suitable for exports. New technology, new machinery, up-to-date research and laboratory facilities and efficient management are the most important tools for company development in the competitive market.

Ardakan Eram Tile Policy

Eram Ardakan Tile Company, a manufacturer of floor tiles in accordance with national standards of Iran, has committed itself to abide by all national laws and regulations, safety and environmental requirements. And also, this company consider the following principles essential to meet the growing needs of customers, employees, shareholders and other parties:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and other stakeholders
  2. Improving the quality of manufactured products and reducing waste
  3. Increase product diversity
  4. Preventing accidents and increasing workplace safety and health
  5. Prevention of environmental pollution
  6. Energy Management

Ardakan Tile Company has chosen the establishment an integrated management system based on ISO 14001:2004-ISO9001:2008-OHSAS 18001:2007 as a strategic approach to achieving the above goals.

Eram Ardakan Tile Company is committed to improve quality and prevent environmental pollution and increase the level of safety and health of workplaces so expects all its colleagues to work together for implementing an integrated management system and improving the performance of processes. This policy will be revised at the beginning of each solar year to keep up with current day and customer requirements.

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