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2006 year NOVA company has been in your service. On the first stage at the Tbilisi branch of NOVA the company begins manufactory of the roofing materials according to the color, measure and shape.

Since 2012 year the company has started producing the gypsum-cardboard accessories. At the same time NOVA Batumi branch started functioning.

Since 2013 year NOVA company is owner of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System International Certificate.

Since 2014 year at the Batumi Branch of NOVA within the opening of the showroom it has been started the water tanks manufactory. At the same year NOVA has started the manufacturing of the painting and plastering angular.
Within the starting of the water tanks manufactory, it has been started export at the neighbor Armenia which actively continues nowadays too.

At 2015 year NOVA company widens the planting line at the Batumi new branch. At 2016 year, at the same branch NOVA also widens the planting line of the gypsum-cardboard profiles.

In November of 2016 year NOVA opens the renewed Showroom at the Tbilisi branch.

At 2017 year at the Batumi branch NOVA starts manufactory of the European Standard profiles of the gypsum-cardboard and metal-tile. At the same time according to the market requirements the company widens the planting line of the Polyethylene Water Tanks and manufactures open typed water tanks.
In September of 2017 year NOVA plans the renewed standard of the ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certificate.

At the end of 2017 year building materials company NOVA is manufacturer of more than 100 named Polyethylene Water Tanks, more than 30 named roofing materials and accessories, more than 40 named gypsum-cardboard, metal-plastic profiles and accessories.
NOVA has two showrooms in Tbilisi and in Batumi.
NOVA is official dealer of the famous brands in Georgia (IZOCAM, BETEK, RIGIPS, YEPSA, TEMPO, INGCO and others). At the space of NOVA and in its selling network there are presented 10,000 named of imported production of the NOVA all over Georgia.

There is employed more than 250 people at the company of NOVA

Company’s Information:

Shop – Tbilisi, Agladze Str № 45
Manufacture – Tbilisi, D. Guramishvili Ave № 84
Shop – Batumi, Bagrationi Str. №105 B
Manufacture – Batumi, Adlia
032 2 00 33 33; 593 300 300
422 23 30 30; 596 300 300