Iran is a powerful country in terms of its industries with a large number of mines.

There are numerous factories in Iran making it the strongest tile-producing country in all over the world. Taking a quick look at the ceramic industry state over the past years, clearly the production and sale of ceramic and tiles have indicated an upward trend. In this positive economic state, we hope to maintain this trend in the next years.




“MARA” Overcomes Trading Obstacles in Ceramic Tiles Industry

Due to a range of economic policies, Iranian tradespeople, in addition to those of foreign countries, are faced with trading obstacles. In fact most big companies and Iranian products’ buyers are faced with problems with regard to product control, SWIFT, and bank transfers which are due to the political conditions in the region and Iran. Over the past five years of our effective presence in the ceramic tile industry, we have become familiar with the ups and downs of trading in this industry, therefore we have been trying to facilitate the process of exporting, so that our foreign customers will enjoy the safety of investing in the Iranian markets.

“MARA” Customers Are Faced with A Safe and Reliable Trading Environment

Also over these years, MARA has been able to provide a safe environment for its customers which they can purchase products safety from Iran and do their transactions easily. Furthermore, we have found new ways in order to simplify export-related transportation at most reasonable prices. Since our customers required high-quality services in this field, we were the pioneers to offer services which would assist them in purchasing our products. Consequently, in attempting to expand and improve our services, our team comes up with brand new solutions on a daily basis.

Become More Familiar with “MARA”

Here there is a list of our respectable customers and also there is some helpful information which will help you become more familiar with our services and means of communication with the customers who are working with us.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you throughout the world in the near future.

Founder & CEO of MARA Co.


Masoud Rastegari

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